Helios hotel are convinced that a stay in Jesolo does not just mean sea the beach or local area but it has so so much more to offer is. It is the Hotel’s ambition help you discover the pearls of the territory  and above all, the unknown . The Hotel provide a brief summary of their own suggestions for a more detailed version ... we are awaiting you at the hotel !



A stay in Jesolo must include a trip to Venice , one of wonders of the world , and also having time to visit its beautiful islands. Venice is a unique city of art which you may not have enough time to discove all its treasures the basilica of San Marco prclimb the tower , wait for a full hour in front of the clock tower or to cross the Rialto bridge. Read more 


Treviso city with three souls " shopping capital of the Veneto " where you can still find shops on the high level walking through the streets of the city , city of art with beautiful Walls , Piazza dei Signori, the Loggia dei Cavalieri , the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Trecento , also known as the " water city " with unforgettable views as the Canals and Buranelli channels which run through its city centre as the Island of the Fish and Restera embankment route.  Read more 


For the romantics , there are places of love between Romeo and Juliet. If you love the beautiful singing nothing better than an evening at the Arena . If you like history you should definitely visit Piazza Bra, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia , Piazza dei Signori, the Government Palace , the Roman Stone Bridge and the Roman Theatre . Read more 


Vicenza : the substantial interventions in it made ​​by the architect Andrea Palladio worth the title of " City of Palladio " . A search of harmony dominates the design of Palladio in Vicenza area taking care of 23 monuments in the historic centre and 16 villas in the province. Also in the historical centre must be mentioned the Olympic Theatre , Palace Chiericati , the Palladian Basilica, while among the villas of the outermost zone is certainly remembered as "La Rotonda " . Read more 


A border town with many faces.  It crosses the Habsburg neo-classical architecture , Art Nouveau , Baroque , and some Roman ruins , creating a unique style. Another unique feature of Trieste is the coexistence of different religions witnessed by the places of worship in the city. Read more 


Padua: " the holy city without a name, without the lawn grass and coffee without doors" this historian tells us that what are the major attractions in Padua during a sight not to be missed : the Basilica of Sant ' Antonio , Prato della Valle, and the historic Caffè Pedrocchi . Read more